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340 - Schnorr Signatures for secp256k1

BIP: 340 Title: Schnorr Signatures for secp256k1 Author: Pieter Wuille Jonas Nick Tim Ruffing Comments-Summary: No comments yet. Comments-URI: Status: Draft Type: Standards Track License: BSD-2-Clause Created: 2020-01-19 Post-History: 2018-07-06: [bitcoin-dev] Schnorr signatures BIP == Introduction == === Abstract === This document proposes a standard for 64-byte Schnorr signatures over the elliptic curve ''secp256k1''. === Copyright === This document is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. === Motivation === Bitcoin has traditionally used [ ECDSA] signatures over the [ secp256k1 curve] with [ SHA256] hashes for authenticating transactions. These are [